Last existing diorama painted by Louis Daguerre
Studies on the representation of the photographic image

The canvas represents a Cathedral of Gothic style‭, ‬which elements seem to repeat the ones already present in the church‭. ‬A‭ ‬mis abisme‭, ‬which theatricality is enforced by the red velvet curtains that frame the painting twice‭, ‬both physically hanging in the abses‭ ‬and in the painting‭. Effectively‭, ‬the picture’s perspective directs the visitors’‭ ‬view to the centre of the scene‭, ‬thus creating an illusion of profoundity and depth‭; ‬and upwards‭, ‬in a contemplative gaze‭.‬

The stage becomes even more evident when one realizes there is a switch that activates a system that backlights the scene‭. ‬The furthest windows of the Cathedral are lit up first‭, ‬followed up with the second row of openings‭. ‬Progressively‭, ‬the picture gets subtly brighter until the lights are again switched off‭. The lighting animation was to recreate the light of dawn during Easter.

scene #9

Three kneeling chairs
the golden image

flooding into the eastern transept
the colour-stained light