(2017 - ongoing)
collects a series of landscaped gardens that represent multiple interpretations of the Paradise myth. Arcadia takes the shape of a long poem in the making that is composed of a number of cantos exploring different symbols and archetypes (the island, the fall, the cave, the sacred tree...).

This project is a result of a number of journeys and residencies across the UK, France and Italy. Establishing tangential correlations between historical garden built in different temporal and geographical spaces this investigation uses a non-linear narrative that connects past and present as a means to imagine how a future landscape may look like.

With the collaboration of the Italian institutions FAI (Fondo dell’Ambiente Italiano), Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per l'Area Metropolitana di Roma e per la Provincia di Rieti (Lazio). Supported by the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics, Institut Ramon Llull (Spain), and the residency program l’Aquila Reale Arte e Natura (Italy).

Canto I: The Valley of Hell

Canto II: The Island

A garden is an island
is an island
is an island
is a garden

Canto IV.  The Sacred Tree

Fox-Talbot’s tree

a folly is glass‭,
‬and bones

and a hank of weeds‭.

‬Is at once cheerful and morbid‭,
both an ornament for
a gentelman’s grounds
and a mirror for his mind‭.‬

Erola Arcalís
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