Arcadia: the Garden as a Utopia is an ongoing investigation on eighteenth and nineteenth century gardens and historical buildings in England and France that reproduce and dramatize elements of nature in order to create spaces of mystery and awe.

Theatrical landscape features combined with exotic varieties of plant specimens come together to create a fictional model of nature, which architecture borrows from Palladian, Gothic and Baroque styles; and that finds its poetic ground in Greek and Roman mythology.

There is a strong sense of nostalgia that resonates in the desire to resemble the literary ideals of times past and foreign locations‭. ‬As though the garden space became a gate to an Edenic land made only to exist in the imaginary‭.‬

A Fortunate Isle

a folly is glass‭,
‬and bones

and a hank of weeds‭.

‬Is at once cheerful and morbid‭,
both an ornament for
a gentelman’s grounds
and a mirror for his mind‭.‬

Portal to the Lebanese cedar tree

Grande cascade

Ruins that never were /growing ferns
silver gelatin print
27 x 35 cm

Fox-Talbot’s tree
silver gelatin print
27 x 35 cm