‘Menorca-born and London-based artist Erola Arcalís presents works that are two-dimensional, successfully exploring the sensation of time against the sensibilities of the landscape and enabling and offering the present and future a platform on which to apply itself. Shipwreck Studies (2017–22) comprises photographic works that are deliciously difficult to read as they sink into their own swell of water. Intentionally including nothing of the horizon, they appear as abstracted images that are timeless, as is the condition of the water. Conceived of by an artist drawing on her interests in narrative and the nature of memory as a motioned experience, they offer her audience these tonal representations of reality, as recorded by the artist’s choice of images.’

Rajesh Punj, Canvas Art Review

Wine-dark Sea

Vessel I (a variation)

Flotsam (and other utopias) solo show at the contemporary art institution Casal Solleric

a site specific project curated by Aina Pomar
(Majorca, Spain, May - September 2023)

Installation view credits: Juan David Cortés

Arcadia: an ongoing investigation into the Paradise Myth.
Photographed during a series of trips and residencies across the UK, Greece, France and Italy.

Los Ausentes / The Absent Ones: a reinterpretation and hommage of a dinner that did and did not take place.

Fireweed (2017): a short poem about Arcadia street (East London)

Rehearsing the Real (2019): live collaborative essay reflecting on the role of representation and image-making
curated by Tom Lovelace, as part of Peckham24, London, UK