As part of my commitment to make art more accessible to the general public, most of the exhibition projects I participate in involve some form of public engagement activity. That may be a live performance or a workshop that uses a practice based, organic and alternative learning approach to explore the intersections and associations between images,  landscapes of memory and automatic writing.

With the support of:
Hauser & Wirth Menorca
Casal Solleric

Familiar Landscape, Cyanotype & Still Life Workshop
Hauser & Wirth Menorca

Menorca (Spain), May 2023

Devised & led by Erola Arcalís
with the support of the Hauser & Wirth learing tea and the collaboration of the Menorcan Art School

Description: Immersive 3 day workshop for A-level art students devised in collaboration with the educational team of Hauser & Wirth Menorca. The activity took place both in the gallery space - that was adapted to build a darkroom for the students - and in the surrounding area of the small isle where the gallery is located.
The participants worked closely with the landscape of the island and collected plants and objects to produce a series of still lives or small representations of their memories growing up in that landscape. The end goal was to encourage them to work independently and in small groups to produce a collective cyanotype.

Themes: symbolic object, the island as a miniature landscape, the familiar landscape, cyanotype making with environmental conditions (sun & sea), still life as a landscape.

Public: 40 participants (age: 16 to 17 years old)

Family archive & Creative Practice Workshop
Casal Solleric

Majorca (Spain), September 2023

Devised by Erola Arcalís
Led in collaboration with Marina Planas

Description: Workshop open to the general public exploring and expanding the possiblities of meaning departing from an image from their family album involving the landscape of Majorca. The photograph triggers a series of memories that are then shared with the group orally. At the same time, the photographs are used to activate a number of creative writing exercises.

Themes: family archive, landscape as a testimony of memory, the picture as a symbolic object, experimental and automatic writing combined with images.

Public: 20 participants. Age 20 to 65 years old

Institutions involved: Institute of Balearic Studies, Casa Planas, Palma Cultura, Palma Council, Casal Solleric.

Rehearsing the Real: Live collaborative essay Durational Performance
London, May 2019

Led by Tom Lovelace
Devised & perfromed in collaboration with artists Joshua Leon, Emma Bäcklund, Ramona Güntert & Steff Jamiesson

Description: Live collaborative essay durational performance sharing thoughts about image-making and reflections about what constitutes an image in relation to memory and the art practice. The hexagonal temporal structure contained a collection of research and artworks in progress. Chairs were borrowed from the local church, glasses and books were brought from our own studios, the unfinished tiled floor was composed of handprinted photograms made for the occasion. The public was invited to join the performance, to occupy the seats or read.

Themes: Image-making, the temporal space, live reading, public library, re-writing history / memory.

Public: 30 participants of all ages.

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