Flotsam (and other utopias) at Casal Solleric

a solo show project curated by Aina Pomar

May - September 2023

In the framework of the Casal Solleric (Majorca) Flotsam (and other utopias) takes on the forms of the architectural structure as it blends with the Espai Dipòsit. The result is a weave of several voices, generating in turn a new story. 

Aina Pomar, curator

Flotsam (and other utopias) is a site specific installation based exhibition devised in three acts:

Act I. Sea / Monument. Series of monochrome images
Act II. Allotment / Island. Super 8 film
Act III. Flotsam. An assemblage of found objects

Act I. Sea / Monument

Hung with fishing wires and grounded with leds, an archive picture of my great-grandad standing by his newly built ship opens this exhibition. In the next room an image of the sea enters in conversation with still lifes of everyday objects that were found in the allotment where the ship once was.

Act II. Allotment / Island

Filmed in the allotment, this short piece shows temporary sculptures made with found and unburied everyday objects that used to belong to my great-grandad. Projected directly onto the hand-sculpted wall of the old water tank. 8mm film of 1:14min duration


Amidst the wilderness there is an isle of concrete in the shape of an eye.
An untamed garden of fennel, asphodel, wild olive trees and nopal have grown in the vacant space.

Act III. Flotsam

Site specific installation of objects found in the allotment where the ship was once moored.



Aina Pomar’s curatorial proposal for this solo project was selected by Casal Solleric, Palma Cultura, Palma Council.

The research of this project has been possible thanks to the funding of the Institute of Balearic Studies (IEB).

A public workshop about art practice and family archive was organised as part of the exhibition program in collaboration with Casa Planas archive.


Act I. Sea / Monument
Archive picture. Inkjet reproduction on Hanhnemüle paper. Framed in a perspex box hung with fishing wire and leds.
Series of 5 monochrome gelatin silver handprints.

Act II. Allotment / Island
Super 8 Film
Digitalised from 8mm
1:14min. Loop

Act III. Flotsam
Site specific installation of found objects (baluster, pitcher, pestle, spoon, snails, propeller, ceramic vessel, tiles).

Materials: wood, metal, dry plants, fossils, charcoal, ship engine parts, rope, glass, ceramic.

Installation pictures by Juan David Cortés.