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In the framework of the Casal Solleric (Majorca) Flotsam (and other utopias) takes on the forms of the architectural structure as it blends with the Espai Dipòsit. The result is a weave of several voices, generating in turn a new story. We hear the voice of Erola Arcalís re-interpreting a family memory through objects and images, as well as the curatorial voice of Aina Pomar Cloquell bringing this new narrative to the deposit. Echoing these, there are two apparently silent voices reverberating across the space: the voices of the Menorcan landscape and the Dipòsit (originally a water tank).

Aina Pomar, curator

Flotsam (and other utopias) is a site specific installation devised in three acts:

Act I. The Sea. Series of monochrome images

Act II. The Allotment. Super 8 film

Act III. Flotsam. An assemblage of found objects

Amidst the wilderness there is an isle of concrete in the shape of an eye.
An untamed garden of fennel, asphodel, wild olive trees and nopal have grown in the vacant space. The sweet scent of the plants blends with the smell of charred wood, rotten rubber and wet rust. Is that how ruins smell like?


All monochrome photographs in this series have been hand-printed and processed by the artist.

Act I. The Sea
Series of monochrome silver gelatin prints.

Act II. Sa Tanca
Super 8 Film

Digitalised from 8mm
1:14min. Loop

Act III. Flotsam
Site specific installation of found objects

Materials: wood, metal, dry plants, fossils


Flotsam (and other utopias) is currently on show in Casal Solleric until the 10th of September 2023. Installation pictures by Juan David Cortés.