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Rehearsing the real presents a collection of contemporary artworks that seek to unravel and rewind across media including photography, film, performance and text. These acts of unfolding will come in the form of undoing narratives, histories and visual languages. A central element of the exhibition is a live collaborative work that will manifest throughout the duration of the exhibition and will bring together artists Arcalís, Bäcklund, Güntert, Jamieson and Leon within one creative space.

Live Collaborative Essay‭ is a durational performance that reflects on the process of image-making‭. ‬The text brought together a collage of correspondance‭, ‬research and references between‭ ‬myself‭, ‬Joshua Leon‭, ‬Ramona Güntert‭, ‬Emma Bäcklund and Steff Jamieson‭. ‬All the ideas were shared in a Google Drive document during the two months of preparation for the show and were then reassembled and edited into two performances: The Temporal Space and The Table of the Absent.‬

Installation view, Peckham24, London, 2019

Live Collaborative Essay II: La mesa de los ausentes
30min. peformance

Time and scene: 1:30pm, a room
with 8 chairs, one framed
photograph, an incomplete tiled floor,
a library of books placed in a
disorganized manner,
a table with two printed texts
atop, an assortment of camouflage
prints. The performers enter
the room assuming positions
of their own accord.

Live Collaborative Essay I: The Temporal Space
40min. peformance

 Rehearsing the Real     Lethe    about