Bearing. The horizontal direction of a line of sight between two objects on the surface of the Earth in relation to North. [Leave simultaneously beginning and end.] A vessel settled in a meadow of asphodel, glass and dry fennel. [All memories dissolve.] Describe Spilaion. Geological formation. Enclosure, cavern Hidden the entrance beneath heat and stone delays the sound of sea, river and wax. A vanishing point.
 Deployed from water, spout or lip a vessel contains nothing other than itself. morality which implies — metonymy metonymy which implies | morality [Enter simultaneously beginning and end.] Archaic. from 'arché', beginning or detachment from past origin. The divine horizon of substance encompasses and values all things.
 The Tempest I & II Shipwreck II, III & II, 2017 Silver gelatin prints 142 x 117 | 35 x 27 cm | 40 x 30 cm